As each friend heard my story, they worried. Could HPV or Cervical Cancer happen to them? I was only 25 when I was first diagnosed. I fought hard to preserve my fertility and in 2013, I had a hysterectomy in hopes that it would finally stop my high-risk HPV and Cervical Cancer. 

I was here...

I was determined...

From the first moment I was diagnosed, I was determined to find out everything I could about HPV and Cervical Cancer. I attended national conferences and trained with the National Cervical Cancer Coalition as well as Tamika and Friends. I spent 2011 campaigning and going to Washington D.C. and speaking on Capitol Hill. I met, loved and lost amazing friends from the disease I was fighting. I knew it was time to say, "enough." 

Tools for everyone

Soon, I started receiving calls from names I've never heard of. They read my exposé on HPV funding or they received my name through a friend. I couldn't keep up with the amount of calls from people asking for help. They wondered like I did, why all the information wasn't in ONE place. Why they still felt ashamed for having HPV and where the TOOLS were to ask the right questions from their doctor.  

This is for Janet

This is for Michelle. Patti. Susie. Amanda. Patty. Tamika. Shawna. Shelly. This is for my dearest friends who have fought this fight with me. Most of us made it through, but some of us didn't. This is especially for them. Here's to a future where EVERY woman feels comfortable asking the right questions from her doctor and standing up for a second opinion. Viva la Revolution, dear friends. This is for a future without cervical cancer. 

Together, let's Eradicate HPV and Cervical Cancer, 

Kate-Madonna Hindes

Founder -