You Own Them, So Get Them!

Do you know that you have the right to always ask your for your medical records? In fact, no matter your medical history or location, you should always have those records in an easy to find place. According to HIPPA, you have the right to all your medical records and you have the right to view your records in their original form at your provider's office. 







Step One: Call Up Your Doctor's Office

Simply tell the receptionist, "I need a copy of my medical records." Often you'll need to fill out a form to prove that you are actually asking for your information. HIPPA laws dictate that your doctor's office must keep copies of requests for your information. Once you've filled out the appropriate form, you'll be mailed, (or sometimes faxed,) your records. 

Step Two: Review Your Documents 


When reviewing your documents, make sure to notate questions you have on a seperate sheet of paper. (You want to make sure these documents are readable for years to come!) We recommend making a bulleted list of questions and referencing the page the question is pertaining to. 

Step Three: Speak With Your Doctor

Once you have your list of questions and comments ready, schedule time with your doctor to go over your records and get the answers you need. Make sure to check out our glossary beforehand, it may ease some of the confusion!